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Andrew Reynolds "Polaroids"

May 28, 2014


Recently, iconic professional skateboarder Andrew Reynolds gave the public a glimpse into his life through a series of his personal Polaroids and 35mm prints. I have skated for over fifteen years and grew up watching “The Boss” Andrew Reynolds kill it year after year. I made sure to be there for opening night of the exhibition at the well-respected Known Gallery on LA’s street-wear mecca: Fairfax Avenue. The event was curated by Vice’s Patrick O’Dell who gives his viewers a look into the lives of pro skaters through a video series called Epicly Later’d.  O’Dell found tons of unique photographs stashed away in Boss man’s house and even though Reynolds had no intention of sharing them, O’Dell had to. Reynolds has been shooting photos since he was a young skater and has kept these memories of skating in his driveway, his first Birdhouse tours with Tony Hawk and the shenanigans that went on with the Baker boys. It was amazing to see these photos and imagine the stories that went along with most of them. The exhibit was only open for a few days, so if you missed out, take a look and enjoy!

IMG_7259As soon as you walk in, the place was packed! Dustin Dollin and tons of pro skaters were there to support.

IMG_7219Stoked to see this jumbo Polaroid of the infamous Antwuan Dixon right when you walk in. Legend!

IMG_7261Followed up by two amazing skaters: Slash and Ali Boulala. Classic Ali right there!


Before The Boss: some amazing childhood photos of Andrew mastering his craft on a skateboard.


Down the line. Endless Polaroids. Brayden and photos of all the homies.


Andrew's daughters, Kevin "Spanky" Long and more of Dustin Dollin.


Erik Ellington and Jerry Hsu Two completely different skaters, right next to each other. Awesome to see!



Nasty Neckface. Incredible artist, always a part of the skate scene. That wraps up the left side of the exhibit.


So awesome to see all of the portrait Polaroids all framed together. This was a center piece at the back of the exhibit as you made your way around the room. A lot of these were blown up and used for the show.


The future of skateboarding. Always good to see youngsters hopping on a board! He's got tricks too!


The crowd from the back. Tons of support for The Boss from the skateboard community.


THE BOSS. Passed out with some munchies. I wonder what he thinks looking back at this one. Is this good?



Shane Heyl. Hard as fuck. Enough said. #shakejunt


Beagle likes cookies.


Hmmm...what are you up to Andrew?? Bet there's a story behind this one...




IMG_7258Here's a good one. Jim Greco after losing a little something. Pain, then surprise and relief.


Such a great event and I hope more skaters put on similar shows. This was a photographic version of Epicly Later'd, each photo told a story about some point in the life of Andrew Reynolds. So glad that Patrick O'Dell decided to put this together and gave us a rare look at some of the crazy times in Andrew's life. It's always so inspiring to see the skateboard community come together and support each other. Andrew is 36 and reached legend status years ago, don't ever stop doing what you love! Skateboarding is my passion, it's the best thing ever. This show definitely confirmed how much I love skating and got me stoked to get out there and skate.