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Anthony Lister at New Image Art Gallery

February 29, 2012

Last Thursday evening we had the pleasure of heading down to New Image Art gallery in Hollywood to check out renowned Australian artist, Anthony Lister's new work. The gallery was set up completely different than it was for the Rich Jacobs show, but that was as to be expected seeing that Mr. Lister's work differs greatly and is so focused on expressionism. We ended up having a wonderful time and the gallery was jammed packed for most of the evening with the crowd actually spilling out the front door and onto the sidewalk at moments. Although they had to cancel the live dance performance that was supposed to accompany this opening at the last minute, this show was still magnificently curated and we had an absolute blast! Check out our photos and video from the evening... Lister getting ready for the evening with a pixie stick sugar blast. Lister's rendition of Van Gogh looks on as the crowd admirers his compatriots. Andrew taking a moment (and rocking HEX) to speak with curator, Marsea, to see how the show is going. The flip-book style in which some of the work was displayed was very unique. Much like this gentleman whom is a famous raver in Australia or something-we apologize for forgetting your name... Lister spent a good deal of time outside signing autographs and mingling with his fans.