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April Fools Day #HEXnewton Contest Winners

April 02, 2013

When we have, our loyal fans win! And, as many of you know yesterday was April Fool's Day so this year we decided to get in on the action and take one of our most favorite devices from yester-year, the Apple Newton, make a bag for it and then proceed to promote it as if it were one of our latest and greatest products for one of the latest and greatest gadgets. Some of you may have caught on right away, however, either way even if you did not many of you got right in on the fun with us and not only helped spread the word but also participated in our #HEXnewton social media contest where you had the chance to win the Newton and bag we made for it in their own right. So, thank you all very much! Speaking of the Instagram contest after much deliberation and combing over many entries we have decided that the Apple Newton and HEX Cross Body bag will be going to live with @kolbydukes who has been chosen as our grand prize winner!!! Congratulations, enjoy your Newton and new HEX bag and thank you for your dedication! There were literally so many great entries so if you did not win this time please do not be discouraged and continue to interact with us and definitely stay tuned for future contests. Also, we would like to send a huge HEX shout out to our 3 runner-ups whom will all undoubtedly be receiving a $100 shopping spree on our @davisremmel, @jack_wilson and @jodamiller and thank you for your wonderful entries!