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Back To The Future... The Birth Of The Hex Bus

November 19, 2013

hex-bus-blog-001 It seems like another lifetime, the life of a full-time musician.  But that’s what I was blessed enough to do “back in the day” – and by that I mean the Nineties.  Los Angeles and the Sunset Strip were my home away from home.  Dan and I were co-conspirators of our musical journey much like we are co-founders here at HEX.  We mixed genres and styles and refined our craft until we held our own and produced some pretty progressive stuff, in my opinion. We always enjoyed the visual arts as well.  We drew and painted on just about everything.  We plastered concert flyers, carrying our photocopied artistry all over Melrose Boulevard.  We built art installations on an epic scale and would turn the various concert venues into temporary visual exhibitions to set the proper stage for the music.  I also had a couple jobs – and I use the term loosely – booking bands for gigs around the LA club scene, and rubbed elbows with A&R reps from the major labels, when that actually seemed to matter. It’s funny how much all of that has been so familiar as we traverse the contemporary landscape of brand building.  It’s so much the same.  If it’s done well, it must be real and organic.  You have to believe in your vision, or product, as it were.  You have to be excited.  You have to truly enjoy the creative process in all of its non-glamorous glory.  You write, design, edit and revise at all hours – any hour where the feeling is pure.  All of you who are creative-types know the feeling I’m talking about; when you feel your pulse quicken because you know you are on to something. Well, it seems I have found another unifying link between my past life and my present one.  Our preferred method of transportation in my gigging days was our trusty VW bus.  Of course we painted it completely by hand, of course it had a stereo powered by an entirely too-massive amp, and of course it announced our arrival into whatever neighborhood we chose with appropriate style.  There is just no substitute for that kind of basic, boots-on-the-ground marketing.  These days you can find the HEX crew charging in a similar, although radically more cherry, ride.  We’ve just logo’d up a nicely restored 1963 VW Splitty, with vintage wood interior, as a rolling pop-up shop on wheels.  This time the bus has a starter that works, a cleaner paint job (in L380 Turquoise), and timeless design cues that the buses of the 1970’s apparently grew out of.  But the effect is the same – heads turn, conversations are started, and connections are made. The Original Bus Complete With Hand Painted Exterior The Original Bus Complete With Hand Painted Exterior Version 2.0 - The HEX Bus Version 2.0 - The HEX Bus Our bus, version 2.0, is a fully functional retail experience.  But it won’t be chained down to some strip mall somewhere, it will move with the moment.  Every time I look at it I am reminded of where I come from, and where I am going.  I am reminded that if you want to have a brand that resonates, you have to be out where your message can be heard by real people.  So, we look forward to seeing all you real people in the flesh, out on the road, shaking hands and kissing babies wherever the journey takes us. HEX Bus Pop-Up Shop Rolling Pop-Up Shop HEX-Bus-006 Inside The Rear Hatch Hex Bus View 2 HEX Bus View 3 HEX Bus View 4 Original Bus 2 The Original Bus - Front View Original Bus 1 The Original Bus