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Behind the Scenes with HEX x Mike Mo Capaldi

February 18, 2013

Last week we cruised down to Simi Valley and met up with our boy Mike Mo Capaldi to hang for a day and shoot a video showcasing his upcoming signature collection. What followed, was a day full of laughs, excitement and practical jokes in typical Mike Mo fashion...and we honestly couldn't have had more fun! Check out some of the moments below, but, for the full version you're just gonna have to wait a couple months! Getting ready to go...   Of course we had to give Locksley the proper goodbye... In the G ride.   Straight to Tico's Tacos, Mo's favorite Simi Valley eatery! How rad is this custom autographed deck on the walls too?     Mo taking a picture of a picture. Mo's trunk was just oozing with style. Mo has some serious speed and moves on the court, we were thoroughly impressed with his basketball abilities. Little fade away jumper... No answer there though, hey Mo... Interviews are always a bit awkward no matter how well you know the person, but we still managed to get some ridiculously great sound bites...hopefully we can use them... The movie that started it all. Mo's signature phone case...coming to a store near you this summer. Mike and his older brother Vince own/run the rapidly growing sunglasses company Glassy straight outta their home. Here they are making some executive decisions. This could've been dangerous...on our way to the bowling alley.   We were shocked when Mo pulled this out of his backpack, who knows whatever else he had in there!     Yuppp! Mo was on fire! With strikes and spares falling left and right he was the guy to beat.   Don't let his calm demeanor fool you-Mo can be a competitive beast when he wants to. Ya, I'd be giving a thumbs up and smirk too if I bowled a 221. Finally we made our way to Skatelab... a little good luck touch on the way in. Wonder if he taps the same board every time? Whatever he did it sure was working! Dropping in... nailed it...! No matter what you always gotta check the clip. Luckily our man Eric Longden had it on lock! Can you guess what trick he did in? Mo comes away with another one in the bag. It's funny, this was pretty much the first time we've ever seen Mo riding one of his own boards, and from the looks of it, they seemed to be working just fine. Now you'll just have to wait for the video to see the rest of the action, which we promise you is pretty damn good and will be well worth it...