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Billabong Pipeline Masters - When Dreams Become Reality

February 04, 2015

Hawaiian Surfing Hexploration Upon my return from the two and a half week odyssey that embodied a videographer, surfer and entrepreneur's journey of self worth at surfing’s proving grounds I realized the significance of the events that had taken place. The road less traveled was upon me, a dream turned reality after that one wave, that one clip and that one event. I personally, had realized the childhood dream of charging Pipeline and my buddy was there to capture it. In reflection, how many people actually get to realize their dreams at the Super Bowl of surfing while history is made in the backdrop by one Gabriel Medina?


#HEXplore Hawaii

Haleiwa bridge

Rad bridge in Haleiwa Hawaii

north shore bike path

North Shore Bike Path

nick pipeline drop

nick pipeline barrel

nick pipeline exit

Nick Surfing An Epic Pipeline

The Youngest Brazilian Surfing Champion With the door wide open after fellow Brazilian Alejo Muniz knocked out 42 year old contender Kelly Slater the smell of victory was in the air. One down, one to go... World Surf League number two, Mick Fanning of Australia was grinding it out for a hopeful fourth world title but it was crystal clear in the performance and the energy that this day was already written before anyone paddled out. The first Brazilian was destined to win the WSL World Tour of Surfing's greatest achievement, a WCT Championship and do so confidently at the world's deadliest wave. After dropping excellent scores on nearly every wave Gabriel had the title in his sights and nobody was going to stop him. It felt like I was at a soccer match as hundreds of Brazilian fans dawned flags, surfboards, towels, sarongs, bikinis and shirts screaming vai Medina! Moments before he clinched the world title a flog of fans charged the shoreline filling the sea with yellow and green as they made sure their champion’s feet wouldn’t touch the sand while they carried him up the beach in kingship fashion. Vai Medina!

vai medina

Medina With His Trophy

medina north shore

North Shore Celebrations

No Longer Dreaming "I've been dreaming of this moment my whole life and now I can stop dreaming, it's a reality!" the 20 year old prodigy said. On that day he matched Kelly Slater as the youngest surfer to ever win a WCT Championship. Lastly, that moment, the impending championship had increasing significance because it stoked the passion and fervor of the probable Brazilian Storm that will likely follow. Gabriel wore the weight of a country on his shoulders and it showed physically and presently in the water. Medina accomplished what no other Brazilian had before him, he became the best surfer in the world and now, he’s no longer dreaming about it.

brasilian flag

Brasilian Flag

Nick Mohnacky BioNicholas Mohnacky - HEX Ambassador Through a combination of great values, ability, creativity, networking and focus, Nicholas Mohnacky has amassed an impressive body of work while partnering or working with some of the world's largest technology and media companies like: Zynga, Yahoo, Tribune and Cox. Nicholas is a surfer, videographer and tech entrepreneur currently working on his startup Surfr App. Surfr is like Yelp for surfers, featuring 9,000 surf spots, restaurants and hostels around the world. @surfrapp on Instagram & Twitter