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Capping off tradeshow season with a BANG from Liberty in Las Vegas!

August 30, 2013

Well, it's been a long summer but we're glad to report that our tradeshow season has come to an least until winter that is. We had a solid 3 month run with shows around the globe where the train finally stopped for us last week in Las Vegas at Liberty Fairs. Liberty, is a show in and of itself that partnered up with the folks at Agenda this year, and went down for three days in the Sands Expo center at the Venetian/Palazzo hotels. Needless to say it was an epic time, and some of our soirees may not be suitable for minors, but the stuff that is we have printed below. So, please join us on our final journey of tradeshow season and cruise with us in a city where the American Dream is just one small bet away... This is what a lunch break looked like to us... LV airport architecture. Sights and sounds of Liberty/Agenda Las Vegas 2013.

Dues actually raffled this bike off on the final day and sorry to say, we were not the winners.

Our good homey and photog extraordinaire 13th Witness stopped by the booth to say whattup. Be on the lookout from more to come with this guy... That awful moment when you realize your homey to the left has way more style than you. Our Cabana Origin backpack in full Las Vegas swing. Our hotel rooms were super nice, so nice in fact, that I don't know if we will ever stay anywhere else while in Vegas. Here's some snippets from our stay at the Palazzo.

Still connected to the Palazzo, we spent our first night at Tao with bottle service watching Theophilus London get down.

Then the following night it was up the stairs to familiar territory, Marquee nightclub in the Cosmopolitan to watch good homey DJ Vice tear it up!

Oh, and the EC Twins weren't half bad either. These guys have some pretty rad energy about them. Then, it was finally back home to finish off Day 3. Room service, dinner, breakfast, whatever you wanna call it no Vegas experience is complete without getting some of this. And we left winners as well... Last but certainly not least-some parting shots and words of wisdom from the battle field...until next year stay classy Las Vegas!!!