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Catchin' up with FM in Irvine

August 30, 2011

Prohgress, DJ Virman and Kev Nish discuss set tactics right before going on. Last Friday we got the chance to go say hello to our good friends the Far East Movement while they were quickly in town for the "I am Still Music Tour" featuring Lil' Wayne. As always, the boys put on quite the show. We wish we could've chilled for longer though as right when they were finished they were whisked straight to LA to accept a BMI Award...and in all honesty we couldn't be more stoked for them! Below are some photos for you guys and FM, we will be seeing you guys in a few weeks at ISA in the Bay Area. That's whats up!!! Prohgress (rocking our Vision Metal band) and Kev tearing up the stage! The Far East Movement's living room and home away from on the bus. Lloyd just couldn't get enough of our watches and his compliments were overwhelming. He's such a nice guy I think we're just gonna have to keep hooking him up from here on out!