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Chillin' With 12th Planet At Avalon For The SMOG Takeover

September 01, 2012

Last Friday we met up with the SMOG boys down at the Avalon in Hollywood where they packed the club full and brought out some of their finest DJ's including Flinch, NoahD, Juggernaut and of course our main man 12th Planet (amongst a couple others) for their self titled "Takeover". Needless to say the club was going crazy, especially seeing as this party didn't end until 5am. We were thoroughly impressed with the level of talent on the bill as well as the party vibe throughout the house-everybody was pretty much going bananas the whole time. Check the photos below and stay tuned here on our blog for some more stuff coming soon with 12th... 12th had the crowd going, and as the headliner came on stage about 12;45am. About an hour before the line was still pretty much out the door. Flinch went on after 12th and killed it as always. Meanwhile down in the greenroom our product was prevalent and guarding the limited edition 12th vinyls. Flinch and Danny United of SMOG Records. NoahD did a good job at hyping the crowd up and getting them going. Where few get to go. Creeping on 12th downstairs at the Avalon. The man that makes it happen, Jungle Riddim, is perhaps the hardest working dude we know. we're just happy to keep on his good side! Below the DJ booth you could find our Backpack and Tote chilling...a favorite of the boys. 12th Planet. Mysterious, mind-blowing and always worth the wait. There's a reason everybody loves 12th, probably because he always takes the time to psyche out his fans and is one of the most animated DJ's we've ever seen. Thanks for letting us kick it boys, can't wait for the next Takeover!!!