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Coastal Carnage At The US Open Of Surfing 2012

August 10, 2012

Last Saturday we jammed down to the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach to link up with our homeboy David Loy (above) and watch him skate the Coastal Carnage bowl. For those of you not in the know, or whom have never been, the US Open is absolute complete mayhem. With over hundreds of thousands of people coming from all over to visit the same quarter mile stretch of sand, for one week the city of HB is transformed into an action sports oasis. With the main spectacle to see of course being the surfing (as the name eludes), many people are also pleasantly surprised to find the best skateboarders in the world putting in work on the street and Coastal Carnage bowl courses. So, when David called us up and told us he was competing we knew it was our que to head down there and mix it up in all the madness. Although our surfers Eric Geiselman, Michael Dunphy and Cory Arrambide lost in the trials; and a few of our other skaters didn't make it into the Damn Am (stuck on alternate list), with all of the other people, parties and free concerts going down we knew we had easily enough to be entertained. What follows are some of our snippets from the "dust bowl" and biggest action sports event in the USA. The "Dust Bowl" as seen from the TransWorld zone. The beach was equally as packed. TV on the Radio killed it on Friday. See.... Too bad the waves were horrible for pretty much the whole week. That didn't stop David in the bowl. Or on the phone... Hurley's Peter king taking iPhoneography to a whole new level. Coastal Carnage bowl overview. Other Coastal Carnage competitor Curren Caples stoked on his olive Croc Solo wallet. We couldn't have been happier to hook Rune Glifberg up as well! The Damn Am course was pretty dope too. Men's Junior champion (and good friend) Conner Coffin with legendary coach Brad Gerlach. Ethan Loy and Curren Caples exchanging Facebook friends...or chicks phone numbers... Our favorite part of the bowl. David Loy and Jaws pondering their separate lines. Within the city the Shorebreak Hotel was pretty much the spot to be. Here Chase Webb takes part in the street demo. David Loy hurts his ankle in the bowl. *It's a bummer David hurt his ankle on this run and couldn't skate for the last 3 minutes of the heat thus costing him valuable points. We may be biased but we surely think he would've made the finals had that had not happened.