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"Dark Beach" at New Image Art Gallery

August 08, 2013

What does "Surf Art" mean these days anyways? Did it ever mean or constitute anything at all...ever? Well, we could probably debate on and on for hours to find a conclusion to that very question, but one thing's for certain, the exhibition currently up at New Image Art Gallery does one heck of a job showing us what present day "Surf Art" (or art in general matter of factly) is, and just how spectacular these emerging artists are. Running now until August 17th in Hollywood, this show is curated by the California based group The Innocnts and encompasses the full spectrum of art and artists. Some notables include: Will Adler, Shawn Stussy, Kassia Meador, Sean Tully, Tom Adler, David Carson, Susanne Melanie Berry, Jeff Ho, Greyson Fletcher, Dion Agius, and of course the one and only Craig Stecyk. We highly encourage you to get down there and check it out ASAP...especially if you have never heard of anybody aforementioned above. Now, beat it kooks!!! Shawn Stussy with Sean Tully.

C.R. Stecyk (top right) and Kassia Meador (below). A little surfboard shout out to one of our favorite bands ever. Backside view of the shack. If you go check this out you have to go inside, sorry, we didn't want to spoil the surprise. Now, do yourself a favor and go check this show out ASAP...!