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Far East Movement Dirty Bass party

December 15, 2011

Tuesday night we made our way up to LA to chill with our homeys the Far East Movement in honor of their new "Dirty Bass" album which should drop soon. The extravaganza, which took place in a warehouse on the outskirts of the city went down without a hitch in typical FM fashion-and by that we mean tricked out DUB rides everywhere, girls swinging on tires mounted from the ceilings and enough Remy Martin cognac to make Jack Daniels jealous. We could go on and on, but instead we'll just let you peep the photos from this exclusive event... The line outside was ridiculous, and we even heard some folks were turned away. Inside was just as packed. Jello shots... or some Remy Martin... we choose Jello! Free Jello single anybody? Or you could always watch the swinging girls. Marvelous Moon and Phillip Chbeeb from IaMmE Dance Crew in the house. The legendary DJ Quik also in the house. Fans had the opportunity to get their photos taken in Dirty Bass style...behave ladies! DJ Virman psyched on our Code Wallet. Meanwhile J-Splif flexes his new bling. With DJ Quik on the cuts. Prohgress confused by a question. Kev Nish thanks the fans and peeps for attending before hoping on a plane a few hours later...tough life...