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Field Report: KITH Pops Up For "West Coast Project"

February 23, 2015

Kith-Popup-3P1A0056 Ronnie Fieg and his style juggernaut, KITH were at it again last Friday opening a pop-up on Abbot Kinney in Venice.  The event marked the release of Ronnie's collaboration with Asics, dubbed the West Coast Project.

Kith-Popup-3P1A0048 Kith-Popup-3P1A0052 The space, imagined by Bang 3 Design, looked incredible in shades of blue, white and silver.


As you would expect from a KITH release, the line formed the night before and stretched around the block.  It still dragged way down the street when we arrived for our personal tour of the shop.



I must say that the shoes, themselves, are definitely worth the wait.  Ronnie's vision for the rebirth of the Gel-Sights comes in two colorways, dubbed Atlantic and Pacific.  I copped a pair of the Pacific's, myself. So get your hands on a pair of these!  The buzz was big and Ronnie delivered once again on the expectation.


HEX Co-Founder, Dan Maravilla checking out the new kicks


Dan Maravilla and Thomas Cykana, KITH