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Field Report: Modernica Los Angeles

October 13, 2015

3P1A2320 We were recently invited by our friends at Modernica to take a factory tour of their Los Angeles headquarters.  I have long been a fan of their products and eye for detail, so I was excited to get to see their operation from the inside. 3P1A2329 Sewing Tables 3P1A2330 3P1A2337 Measuring out patterns In the creative arts, many are influenced by modernism, but few are truly affected by it.  That is not the case at Modernica.  It was refreshing to see fellow modernism fans truly embracing the ethos and craftsmanship that was born out of the modernism movement.  In short, these guys care about design and they care about quality. 3P1A2536 Examples of moulds for various wood parts 3P1A2477 Sanding and finishing 3P1A2450 3P1A2473 Sergio and Miguel explaining the process to me Whether it's locating and acquiring vintage molding machines for their signature fiberglass chairs, or their commitment to form, bend and sand their own wood pieces, Modernica sets an undeniable standard of care that shows in their products.  I couldn't help feeling that if Charles and Ray Eames could see this place, they would smile. 3P1A2431 Creating the basic fiberglass form 3P1A2372 Prepping the fiberglass for pressing 3P1A2443 Serious vintage machinery 3P1A2439 The shell is looking good after pressing and cleanup 3P1A2373 3P1A2419 Remembering what's gone before We hope you enjoy these images about Modernica's process.  They do not deal in fast fashion like so many others, but instead craft pieces that can be handed down as heirlooms to the next generation.  If you are a fan of modernism, you will want to check out their website.  If you are not yet a fan of modernism, Modernica will help make a believer out of you. 3P1A2346 Final assembly 3P1A2340 Hand upholstery 3P1A2569 3P1A2356 Rows of beautiful things ready to ship out You can also visit Modernica's store at 7366 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles to see the finished articles in person.  Thanks, guys, for the tour.  Keep up the good work! 3P1A2577 3P1A2587 3P1A2597 3P1A2607 3P1A2619

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