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Field Report: Pow! Wow! Long Beach

June 30, 2015

DSC03403 If you are a frequent visitor to this blog, then you know how we feel about art.  Art does something to us, something that we all need, but is difficult to describe.  Something positive.  Street art, in particular, is such an amazing and interesting medium.  The talent is undeniable and the fact that it is so public makes it accessible to everyone.  It also creates thought and discussion around what qualifies as art.  Does it have to be in a museum to be art?  Is graffiti art or is it vandalism?  Who gets to decide what is of cultural value and what needs to be scoured away?  For all these reasons and more, street art is special and engaging.  So when we heard that Pow! Wow! was literally painting Long Beach, we knew where we would be. Take a look and see what some of today's most talented artists were up to, we enjoyed every minute! 3P1A0622 The HEX Bus was there as Benjie Escobar was getting his mural going. 3P1A0608 Me with John Pangilinan in front of the Pop-Up Shop.  Nice color, BTW 3P1A0586 Andy Song rehearses with the band at the School Of Music 3P1A0646 Hueman working on her piece in collaboration with Madsteez DSC03407 Madsteez himself in front of his labor of love 3P1A0654 Tools of the trade 3P1A0716 Tristan Eaton going up 3P1A0718 Here's the blueprint.  Easy, right? DSC03368 Coming to life DSC03372 James Jean DSC03376 Fafi's signature style DSC03385 Really dug this by Aaron De La Cruz DSC03380 DSC03399 Bumblebee in progress DSC03410 This spot gets a facelift, courtesy of Cryptik DSC03416 DSC03428 Push getting it done on this massive wall DSC03432 3P1A0675 The HEX Bus fits right in!