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Hanging at Bob Burnquist's pad with Morgan...

November 14, 2011

This past weekend we jetted down to San Diego in hopes of watching our boy Morgan Wade compete at "Bob Burnquist's Dreamland MegaRamp Invitational" contest. Organized by the good folks over at MegaRamp, this was supposed to be the final stop for the MegaRamp Championship Series to determine the MegaRamp World Champion for both Skateboarding and BMX...however, Mother Nature had other ideas. With a steady down pour of rain cast over pretty much all of Saturday and Sunday, the only day we saw heavy riding was Friday-and although we saw some great action it was a bummer because it wasn't the contest we were hoping for. It's all good though, because we did get to hang at Bob's pad or Dreamland as it is affectionately known, and man was that amazing. Complete with a MegaRamp, Vert ramp, Loop, and various other bowls and ramp setups all throughout the property this place is an absolute haven for any skate or BMX aficionado-and now we can see absolutely why they call it Dreamland. Have a look at some of the action... The MegaRamp setup at Dreamland. Also on premises is a Yurt, which is basically a self sustaining living rad! Mitchie Brusco flies over the gap. Adam Taylor with a Christ on the quarter. Bob was the only one even attempting the rail, here he is with a stylish tail slide. ...and now a nose. Free rides back up. Lincoln Ueda double time. Bob contemplates his next run. Morgan and Vince Byron just chillin. Now, here's a few of our boy Morgan: Adios Dreamland, thank you Bob and MegaRamp crew!!! Below is a postcard to take you out.