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Hanging With Bucky At The Pro-Tec Pool Party

May 14, 2012

Our main man, Bucky Lasek, going big in the Pro division. Congrats on your overall 3rd!!! On Saturday we were fortunate enough to make it down to the Vans Skatepark in Orange for the annual Pro-Tec pool party. This contest, which as the title eludes is in fact more like one big party, featured many of today's top skaters (vert and pool) and also some of the biggest legends in the sport competing in the coveted Master's division. We were treated to the likes of Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero, Tony Hawk, Chris Miller, Lance Mountain and many more. As if that wasn't good enough the Pro division was also stacked with our man Bucky Lasek competing with friends Rune Glifberg, Pedro Barros, Andy Mac and more. Literally, for five plus hours we couldn't take our eyes off the action. And, if we learned a thing or two from this illustrious event it's that pool skating is alive and well and that "old" guys can still kick ass!!! The scene was set. Ready, set... Greyson Fletcher was flying thru the bowl...this kid is old school at heart... Tony Hawk and his age old invert...nobody does it better. The crowd was psyching. Rune Glifberg. The one and only, Christian Hosoi! All for the chance to get your name on one of these banners to rub in your friends faces for life. Legendary announcer Dave "Double D" Duncan. Bucky gettin it done. Yeah Buck! Lance Mountain's still got it and was throwing it down. Chris Miller pretty much owns this Master's division but just couldn't put a final run together this year. Pedro Barros on the other hand was pretty much unstoppable and took home the gold. The men's pro winners: Bucky, Pedro, Rune. Congrats on a solid finish Bucky! See ya soon...