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HEX at Bucky Lasek's Bowl-B-Q 2011

November 08, 2011

This past Sunday in Encinitas, California, the mother of all grassroots skate contests took place in our man Bucky Lasek’s backyard. Now, for those of you who don’t know, Bucky has his own private pool/bowl built unto the top of his hill that he can session whenever he darn well pleases. Bucky’s bowl lies normally in a place where weeds would grow and the yearly maintenance to hire gardeners to keep the Fire Department off your back would be nothing short of a nuisance to the average homeowner. Sometimes Bucky skates alone, sometimes he invites his friends…as was the case on Sunday for his annual Backyard Bowl-B-Q. About 150 of Buck’s closest friends and sponsors were on hand to check the action, mingle, drink Pabst and grub some good old fashioned backyard bbq. The only hindrance on this blissful day came in the form of torrential rainfall for about two straight hours all but almost cancelling the skate contest-either way we were gonna stay and party! That sure makes it hard to skate. Then, right as we were about to fold our hands the sun started to peak through, the bowl dried and the session was on! Well, half of it that is to say. With all the rain and time change the night before there was no way to squeeze in the traditional contest format. But, that honestly didn’t matter as dudes were going for it to the tunes of $100 bills for tricks out the bowl and thus making for one of the sweetest jam sessions I have ever witnessed. Also, the slalom event went down without a hitch and our trusty iPod Nano watches were the official time keeping device for the event. Zack Miller and Mike Owen ended taking 1st and 2nd respectively and walked away with a massive HEX prize pack…congrats boys! Zack and Mike...slalom champs. Other notables included none other than Bob Burnquist dropping into the bowl on a surfboard (yes a surfboard) and Bucky absolutely going mad! And, for the children, I guess the traditional sticker toss wasn’t cutting it so this year Bucky and co started flinging cash money into the bowl-it was one of the dandiest things I have ever seen. Don’t believe us? Well then, watch the video! On second thought, watch the video anyway because this is a private event and it’s the closest you will ever get to going! Ciao. Bob's a maniac! [gallery columns="5" orderby="rand"]