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HEX at CES 2012

January 15, 2012

Last week we made the annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas to attend the largest consumer technology trade show on earth that is known as CES. The sheer amount of new gadgets and technology on hand was enough to leave R2-D2 and C-3P0 jealous, and we truly know now why this trade show needs to be four days in length. We saw so much cool and mind-blowing stuff that we cannot even begin to describe it out of fear of doing a severe injustice to you guys. So, we just decided put together a little photo gallery to illustrate the 6 days in Vegas that was CES 2012... Speeding ticket = not the best way to start our journey. We thought the speed limit WAS 105 on I15... Things shortly got better though when we arrived at the Venetian for the Unveiled Media Event prior to the show and saw the line of journalists stretching 2 blocks. Our setup at Unveiled displaying our all new Fleet collection and award winning Varsity Messenger bag. An up close and personal look at our Innovations Award! We did a lot of video interviews at Unveiled as peeps were going crazy over our Fleet collection. The hallways were filled with media blogging and posting. Blog away, my friends. They sure fed us well at Unveiled. NBC Channel 6 news in the house. This iHome boombox was radical. Need to spy on your little brother? Talk show tech personality Dave Graveline in the house. College frat party or tech convention? Anybody up for the ice luge...You tell us... Then, the actual show began at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and was packed from beginning to end. Who's up for a game of Whac-A-Phone? More modern gaming-3D was huge this year! CES jam band! Engadget broadcasting live from CES. The Engadget setup. We are proud to have won an iLounge "Best of Show" award for our Cross Body! HEX VP Dan Maravilla graciously accepts our iLounge 'Best of Show" award! Our award-winning Varsity Messenger on display for the whole CES world to see...we could cry...such proud parents... HEX booth was popping! See you all next year!!!