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HEX at ISA in the Bay Area

September 29, 2011

Last weekend we had the privilege of jetting up to San Jose to attend the second in a series of three ISA concerts, featuring none other than our boys the Far East Movement as headliners. Now, to say this show was better than Seattle is an understatement-the bar was set so high I'm honestly worried for this coming weekend in Long Beach-the bay area is gonna be hard to top. However, if anybody can do it will no doubt be the folks at ISA. Plus Los Angeles is the Far East Movement's hometown so you know their peeps will be showing up in droves. Anyhow, I could go on and on about how sick the concert was last weekend in San Jose, but instead I just made you a little video to recap the action and have put up an extended photo gallery for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy the show...and don't be a fool...come to LA!!! Oh yeah, did we mention we will also be on hand selling our exclusive Far East Movement signature gear? This will be one you surely don't wanna miss!!! Kev-Nish, the consummate performer never disappoints. The house was packed, but this is expected to be nothing next to LA! [gallery columns="9" orderby="ID"]