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HEX At Street League Ontario

June 19, 2012

Last week/end we cruised out to California's inland empire-Ontario to be exact to hang at Stop 2 of the Street League Skateboarding series. With 23 of the top pros within the sport of skateboarding, as one could expect the action was through the roof. Of course we were out there to hang with our boy Mike Mo, but honestly we truly enjoyed watching everybody skate and at the end of the day we could care less who won or loss. However, for those of you out there who do care about such thing you will be relieved to know that Mr. Nyjah Huston took home his second win in a row, edging out the rest of the field with a whopping 9.8 in his scoreline-a pretty gnarly and unheard of feat in Street League. Check out some of our photos below and for anything else you want to know about this insane contest check out our friends at Street League. HEX team riders David Loy and Mike Mo Capaldi. Mike Mo surveying the course during practice. He was feeling a bit under the weather but still went out there and gave it his all. The Monster Dime Squad. Course overview with Billy Marks. Billy again, this time showing off his new Solo wallet. Unfortunately he missed the cutoff by one spot. Eric Koston taking a moment for a lucky fan...hold onto that one kid... Chris Cole caught in an uncompromising position. Our man Mike Mo Capaldi! TWS staff photog Sam Muller with phenom grom Chase Webb. Mikey Taylor...mad steez... And the winner is...Nyjah Huston...AGAIN!!! Congrats man! See you in AZ. Here's a clip of the action in the Finals.