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HEX At Summer X Games 2012 - Bucky Lasek Gets Silver!

July 10, 2012

Now that all the dust has (kinda) settled surrounding the ever phenomenal scene that is known as the summer X Games, we thought it proper to reinvigorate you with some of our favorite moments from last week. Real quick, as I'm sure you know by now because it was live on TV after all, our man Bucky Lasek got second place in Skateboarding Vert narrowly losing to PLG, and our other benefactor and BMX terror the Texas born Morgan Wade ended up with a 5th in BMX Big Air going the highest anyone has ever seen on the MegaRamp. It was great to see the Park and Street contests as well, and hopefully next year we'll have a skater or two in those events-as of now, just some homies! Anyhow, enjoy the little photo gallery and video we have put together for you and until next year... Bucky airing it out on the Vert ramp. Unfortunately PLG just barely beat him. Nevertheless, Bucky always has time for his fans as he immediately stopped to sign for a bit. Menwhile on the Park course our man Morgan Wade was doing his thing. Morgan contemplating his run then capping it with a fist bump to psyched fan. Then it was MegaRamp (Big Air) time where he went higher than any other competitor. Too bad he missed that Triple-whip!!! The fans were out in full force and frothing! Congrats to Pedro Barros for taking home Skateboard gold in the Park. Too bad our man David Loy never made it in the skateboard Park comp...even though he was first alternate. P-Rod was all smiles after his big win on the Street course. Even Lil Wayne came down to give some props.