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HEX Code Folio Facebook Sweepstakes Winners

June 13, 2012

When we have contests, people win! As you may or may not know, our HEX Code Folio sweepstakes just came to end where we simply asked people why they needed our coveted iPad case for their chance to win one. The number of responses was overwhelming and we were quite pleased with many of the answers. Narrowing it down was rather difficult, but in the end the winners were: Scott Yates from Washington, Ashley Esqueda from California and Zac Roach from Texas. Here’s why they said they needed one of our Code Folio's for their iPad… Scott just simply said, "Look at it, that's enough". Ashley wanted it to "carry all my other epic toys in style along with my iPad". Zac wanted a "fully functional case for my iPad that also looks professional". So, there you have it folks…We told you people would win. And, if you were not one of the lucky few please don’t be discouraged as we will have other contests headed your way soon. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages in the meantime!!!