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Hex hangin' in NYC at Air in the Square

June 17, 2011

Every year in New York on Broadway between 42nd and 43rd streets, the BMX and Skateboard worlds descend upon the famous Times Square for a contest unlike anything else. For one day, the two jumbo-trons that usually cast fledgling stock prices and current world events upon unsuspecting tourists from all over the US are turned off and re-wired to bring you the insane action that unfolds at the "Air in the Square" triples MegaRamp event. As 20 of the top BMX and Skateboard athletes from around the world duke it out for the curious, Midwest bystanders viewing pleasure one cannot help but become truly entranced at the spectacle that is the MegaRamp...and the few brave souls who give life and limb to hit it. This year, the action unfolded on a one-of-a-kind 195 foot long course, expanding across the entire city block, and featured a 25 foot high roll-in-ramp with two 25 foot wide jumps and a course ending 14 foot high quarter pipe. The event kicked off with a head to head battle elimination style BMX competition. The BMX Riders competing included: Ryan Nyquist, Daniel Dhers, Mike Spinner, Brett Banasiewicz, Steve McCann, Zack Warden, Austin Coleman, Pat Casey, Vince Byron, James Foster, Colton Satterfield and Rob Darden. Colton Satterfield, the “Lucky Loser” from Salt Lake City, Utah, won the final spot in semi-final battle against Brett Banasiewicz. Satterfield proved to be victorious and won the final round of the BMX competition against competitor Pat Casey. Immediately following the BMX Competition was the skateboarding contest. The contest consisted of a 20 minute jam session, in which the skateboarders were given 20 minutes to showcase their best tricks on the MegaRamp. The skateboarders competing included: Bob Burnquist, Pierre-Luc Gagnon (PLG), Andy MacDonald, local Elliot Sloan, Adam Taylor Mitchie Brusco, Lincoln Ueda, Jett Eaton and Jagger Eaton. When the screams settled the pubic declared Mitchie Brusco from Kirkland, Washington the winner of the contest. So, there ya have it, with Brusco being one of the youngest competitors at just 14 years of age and winning the thing, the future of MegaRamp Skateboarding in undoubtedly heading in the right direction. Until next year...