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HEX kicks off 2013 with a bang and hits the tradeshow floors hard!

February 13, 2013

The beginning of the year is always a busy time for us...but good busy, not that dreaded busy busy. In saying that we mean that we are off gallivanting the globe excited to be showing off our new collections in places like Las Vegas, London, Berlin and of course New York City. At CES we get let our techy side out a bit mixing it up with all of the latest and greatest electronics and accessories while doubling down on the tables. Meanwhile at Project and Agenda shows running back to back in New York we're pretty much at the mercy of the pace of the city itself, which for those of you who don't know is non-stop. Then, over across the Atlantic we get to hang in Germany and London for Jacket Required and Bread & Butter letting our true fashion roots breakthrough and shine alongside some of the hottest brands in Europe. What follows is just a small photo sampling from our escapades, and for those of you who will be around be sure to come catch us again in Las Vegas for Project starting on the 19th of this month! Hello Berlin! Street art as rad as this is not an uncommon sight throughout the city. Legends Tommy Guerrero and Ray Barbee jamming at the House of Vans party! Bread & Butter showroom floor. Hello CES! Where art, design, technology, race cars and poker all come perfectly together. Our VP, Dan Maravilla was asked to sit on the "Where Tech meets Fashion" panel discussion. Burning that midnight oil. Making your way through CES is always a challenge. Our good friend and legendary NYC artist Eric Haze (middle) stops by Project to say hello and check up on his upcoming collection! The busy streets of NYC... Everybody was putting in work and answering questions nonstop. A quick sneak peek of our Gallery (above) and HAZE (below) collections. The HAZE collection will be available in two different color ways. Hello good to see you! We were getting artistic at Jacket Required in London. Jacket Required was such a stylish and unique experience. We can't wait to get back to London...and everywhere else for that matter...see ya...