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HEX Kicks Off In Berlin

July 11, 2012

HEX is kicking off the summer trade show tour with a stop in Berlin, Germany for Bright. Bright takes place twice a year where you can find all of your favorite streetwear, sneaker, fashion and boardsport brands under one roof. It was kind of a bitter sweet show as this was the last year Bright will be held at the old Stasi AKA East Berlin Secret Police Headquarters... but Bright didn't disappoint and went out with a bang! That's right! A full on skatepark with team riders competing and demos from RVCA, LRG, Element and more... RVCA Skate Team signing They also had a screening of the new Vans documentary on the Bones Brigade with Q&A afterwards with Lance Mountain Bright also blessed us with an art gallery and some live street art. With so much going on it was really tuff to leave. But we have to say farewell and a big thanks to Bright and the European HEX crew for putting on a great show. PROST!