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Hex on location in Newport for International Surfing Day

June 20, 2011

Today was International Surfing Day, and, although the waves were small that didn't stop us from heading down to Newport Beach for a good ol' fashioned kickback with the boys. Whether you are an experienced surfer, avid beach goer or landlocked web monkey who hates the sand, today was a day that afforded one the opportunity to hang with friends and truly take a minute to be thankful for the ocean or any aspect of Mother Nature which you thoroughly enjoy. There was literally no right or wrong place to be just so long as you were outside, we just happened to stumble upon a cool little party in Newport put on by our friends at Surfing Magazine. With tons of events going on up and down the California coast and across the globe, we are hesitant to claim that we were at the best spot to be, but we sure did have loads of fun. From squeezing in a surf, to participating in a beach cleanup to chilling porch-side and talking shop with friends, we can't wait for what International Surfing Day has in store for us next year. And who knows, with the amount of awesome feedback we received today Hex could very well have a sweet as can be Surf Team by then... The beach was packed to say the least. Groms outta school = first real day of summer! Surfrider was on hand for the beach cleanup. ...While Longboard Ale and Barefoot Wine provided cool refreshments... Ricky Whitlock, Phillip Goold and myself about to help in the beach cleanup. Stairway to heaven...back at the Surfing Mag house good times awaited. Our office for the day. Meanwhile back on the beach these girls receive the good Samaritan award of the day for their extended cleanup efforts. Parker Coffin showing off his special ISD artwork...that's whats up dog! On the way out we bumped into Newport's finest, the ever so stylish Andrew Doheny walking his dog. See you all next year!