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HEX out and about in the Big Apple

September 16, 2011

The creators of the Art of Flight. Last week during the Quiksilver Pro there was no shortage of nightlife going around. It's almost like the parties found you for a change. Especially with Fashion Week being in town, it was quite the eclectic mix of personalities in the city. So, between spending all day on the beach and evenings devouring pizza, we made it out to celebrate the milestone in Action Sports movie making that is the Art of Flight at the beautiful Beacon Theater and went to one of the raddest Monster Children parties ever in Brooklyn at the Union Pool Bar where an obscure band called the K-Holes absolutely blew the roof off. Below are some photos as we just had to share our antics with you from two of the hottest tickets in town. The K-Holes put on quite the show. [gallery columns="6" orderby="ID"]The bar was absolutely jam packed at both venues, especially at Art of Flight were the Redbull Vodka's were flowing freely and at the Monster Children party there was even a taco truck nestled in the back corner of the patio. When we thought we had seen it all, huh? Nonetheless, we had one hell of a time in the city and gobbled up any and all action she could throw at us. By the time the after after party rolled around at Epstein's we were well on our way to a place we haven't been in a very long time-we love NY! Alas, please excuse our imagery from Art of Flight, as cameras were not allowed in the theater so we had to use our trusty iPhone-which actually did an awesome job! For more photos from the premiere with people with media passes check out our homeys at RadCollector.