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HEX Presents "High Five!!!" At New Image Art Gallery

April 26, 2012

Last Saturday we jetted down to Hollywood to visit our friends at New Image Art Gallery for the opening of their newest exhibit "High Five!!!" which runs through May 26th. Featuring six of today's brightest talents this show was one for the ages, and a fun variance from Rich Jacobs and Anthony Lister shown here in the past. We could go on and on trying to sound smart by critiquing the works we saw, but instead we'll leave that to you. Check our photos and video and get down there the second you have the chance! View from the balcony. A solid crowd showed up. Ed and Deanna Templeton. Ashley Macomber. Vanessa Prager. Alia Penner. Americana. Texture is nice. No show is complete without a price list...