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HEX proudly supports the CEXC crew!

November 07, 2011

A few months ago an active duty US Army soldier by the name of JB Jaso contacted us explaining that he and his crew-CEXC-pronounced "sexy" worked in the Combined Explosives Exploitation Cell where they break down various forms of IED's (Improvised Explosive Devices) to help thwart the vicious attacks of terrorists. Well, John then went on to further explain that many in his unit owned iPod Nano's and they were actually using rubber bands to attach the Nanos to their wrists so they could listen to music while performing their work-blasphemy we thought. So, upon knowing that there was no question about it, we knew exactly what we had to do and that was to send the CEXC cell a set of our watch bands. Then, about a month went by and John and I remained in contact via email and he was telling me that he and his boys were so thankful and stoked on the bands and we kept telling him to please stop thanking us because it was us whom truly were thankful to them and who owed all the gratitude. So, I guess the main reason we are sharing this is because, no matter what your personal politics are, the bottom line is that we are so thankful to our US Military and all that they do to protect our freedoms, and if everybody could just take a second and realize that and do one little thing to show your gratitude we think it would make a world of difference. We are only here because of them! How amazing are these CEXC cell sticker's John sent us? Sign me up!!! Like we even needed or expected this, a thank you note from John and the boys of the CEXC cell. This just truly shows how classy and selfless these guys really are.