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HEX-Ray Vision Facebook Winners!

August 11, 2011

When we have contests, people win! As you may or may not know, our HEX-Ray Vision Facebook sweepstakes just came to end where we asked people what they would do with X-Ray Vision for their chance to win a Vision Metal watch band. The number of responses was overwhelming and we were quite pleased with many of the answers. Narrowing it down was rather difficult, but in the end the winners were: Dustin from Utah, Melinda from Missouri, Sara from Texas, and Metin and Ramses from Illinois. Here's what they said they would do with HEX-Ray Vision... Dustin would replace T.S.A in airports. Melinda would check out the people she flies with-you just never know. Sara would detect premature health problems in people. Metin would hexecute crime before it starts. (We especially liked that one.) Ramses said he would become rich playing Poker. So, there you folks have it...We told you people would win. And, if you were not one of the lucky few please don't be discouraged as we will have other contests headed your way soon. Stay tuned to our Facebook page in the meantime!!!