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January 20, 2012

HEX was in Berlin for the Bright Trade Show located at the historical Stasi Headquarters! Bright is a premier venue for streetwear, sneaker, fashion and boardsports in Europe. Entrance to Bright at Stasi HQ HEX Booth! THANKS to Millan and the Updated Distribution crew for making this happen! RVCA Booth at Bright. Nice work guys! After Day 2 of Bright we headed over to the House of Vans to check out a killer metal band called Black Spiders! Show was AMAZING! Check the photos I was able to walk around Berlin for a bit and check out some shops. On my walkabout I came across this little Gem... Germans know how to party! When you gotta go you gotta go.... After a quick stop I was on my way to one of the best streetwear shops in Berlin. ZEBRA CLUB! And look what I found.... HEX EVERYWHERE!!! Zebra Club window display! HEX is also seen all throughout the shop! Thanks Tim and Zebra Club for your support! Zebra Club Store front. Thanks Berlin for the great times!!! Now its time to catch my flight home hummm... I feel like something is off about this plane, but just can't place it.... DANKE, PROST!!!!