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HEX With Chris Lux + Augustus Thompson At New Image Art

August 08, 2012

On Friday, we cruised out to New Image Art Gallery to support the opening of the 2 man show we recently sponsored - "Chris Lux + Augustus Thompson." The two artist were a slight departure from the more "street" (used very loosely) art vibe of the last few New Image shows, toward a Modern Art selection. The front half of the gallery featured work by Chris Lux. Lux's paintings definitely showed a cubist influence, and reminded me of early 20th century European murals, however there was a lot more going on. Pieces were hung on top of other pieces and the frames were completely part of the art. Lux's two large canvases were mounted on ceramic pieces. This "quad"-tych was my favorite Lux piece. You can see the detail and depth in the second angle. Marsea and the team at New Image have been curating a strong run of shows lately and its great to see a younger crowd supporting the arts. The back half, seen in the pic above, was an installation by my friend, Augustus Thompson. Thompson's work for this show was inspired by the figure awash in Aristide Maillol’s, The River (1938-43), manifested through watercolor portraits and a series of sculptures. Here Thompson explains his sculptures. These plaster monoliths contained the paint and drip rags created during the painting part of Augustus' work. The show is up until September 8th. Go check it out if you're in Hollywood, so you can say you saw Thompson and Lux before they were hanging in museums.