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HEX x Agenda Show Long Beach 2013

August 01, 2013

This past week we were posted up at the Agenda Show in Long Beach for what was one epic time. For those of you unfamiliar, Agenda is the biggest trade show around where fashion, street, action sports and lifestyle brands from all over converge upon the Long Beach Convention Center to showcase their best and brightest products and have one good time in the process. This year, we were of course on hand again to soak up the sunshine and skinny jeans while saying hello to old friends and even making some new ones in the process. People were really stoked on our season's offerings (the Haze collection was turning heads) and by show's end, we had received enough positive feedback to go home very excited for the year to come. Check out our photo gallery below, and if you didn't get a chance to make it out this year, then no worries, hopefully this is enough of a glimpse to satiate your appetite until you do... The one and only Eric Haze dropping in to check on his new collection. Peeps were psyching! We also have an upcoming collection dropping with artist Cole Gerst, or Option G as he is more formally on the lookout... A common recurring theme found this year was booth art. Check out some of our favorites here... Primitive had a taxidermy bear which was pretty insane. Giant burger anyone? Going for a surf? well then, you could always take one of these two vehicles. Surf superstars and good friends Chippa Wilson with Josh Kerr stopped by to say hello and grab some gear. The food truck court at Agenda is something that we look forward to every year, just not the lines. But we guess that's the price you have to pay for quality. It's either this or a hot dog...wwyd? After Day 1 ended we were fortunate enough to be invited to the Brixton party to drink some free beer and watch one of our favorite bands, The Drowning Men, absolutely light the stage up at Alex's Bar. Were not sure what instrument he is playing here but it made some of the coolest sounds we have ever heard-and he didn't even touch it. Think The Adam's Family meets Halloween...crazy! Speed blur...quite reflective of their music actually... Love it when keyboards are incorporated. We'll cheers to that!

Day 2 was a little more mellow, and we were thrust right into the action after crawling out of our tents. This new hat company we stumbled upon, Melin, was showing off a $5000 dome cap. That's not stitching you see but rather little pave diamonds...crazy!!!

The Hurley printing press was going off, and while everyone was standing in line for a free t-shirt we managed to snag a couple C.R. Stecyk III prints!!! And the parting all our Agenda years this was something we've never seen...and yes, he made it! See y'all in Vegas!!!