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HEX x I Crave Love! - A solo show by This Means Mar at LAB ART

December 04, 2013

Corrupted memory cards suck! As much as we love to shoot film here at HEX, there are times when it is just not plausible to do so...hence two Thursday nights ago for the opening of our good friend and artist extraordinaire This Means Mar's solo show at LAB ART, entitled I Crave Love! There were just so many cool and beautiful works of art on hand (not to mention people) that if we were shooting film our developing fees would've been a fortune. Although, looking back on it now, we really wish we would have-as our super technologically advanced 64GB Compactflash memory card decided to take a dive off the deep end thus taking all of our beautiful imagery and memories from Mar's great show with it. Anyhow, that's enough griping from us and lesson learned. Below are some photos we salvaged from our iPhone and Minx Society, so, please take a moment and enjoy this epic night as much as we did! It seriously was amazing and we couldn't have been more stoked to support Mars and be a sponsor for this amazing event...thank you! One of our favorites! LAB ART was absolutely packed to the gills, and rightfully so, Mars work is insane! Hors d'oeuvres and Dj's... Renowned artist Gregory Siff and Mike Miller (above) in the house. They were quite stoked on our new Gallery product line, as was Omarion (below)... Fashion slave... Bringing whole new meaning to the term "Work-a-holic". The man of the hour himself, Mar, with good friend and art collector James Fay. Art Collector Drew Meyers with actress/model friend Alyssa Smith. Who craves love, we all crave love... I Crave Love! *Special thanks to Mar and LAB ART for allowing us to be a part of this illustrious where's our Homer print?... ;)