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HEX x LA Record FYF After Party At Footsie's Bar Goes Off

September 06, 2012

Last Saturday night we had the pleasure of teaming up with LA Record at Footsie's Bar to throw one of the baddest after parties of this years FYF show. The bar was literally packed by 10pm and chalk full of eager people waiting to see the three bands we had slated to play: The Shrine, Feeding People and Savage Gospel. The back parking lot/stage area was shoulder to shoulder and as the music started the night just got better and better. Then, as the evening wore on it was a pleasure to venture inside and be serenaded by DJ duo Roach Cock, which is actually acclaimed music artist Hanni El Khatib and his lovely girlfriend Megan. This was literally one of the best nights we have had in awhile and if you are a fan of music, then you need to check these bands out, but more importantly if you didn't make it then you best get off your couch and show up at our next one! Told you the bar was packed. First up was Savage Gospel and they destroyed! Then Feeding People who also killed! And of course The Shrine, who are like a mini version of Valient Thorr. DJ Roach Cock...aka Hanni El Khatib and girlfriend Megan. Shoulder to shoulder outside. Lead singer Jess of Feeding People was psyched on her presents. Hanni with HEX's Eladio Correa getting loose. What my vision looked like. The frothing crowd is what made this event so amazing! Can't wait to do it again soon... Photos: Carlos Rossi