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Hometown Hero Bucky Lasek wins big at the Dew Tour in Ocean City

July 25, 2011

To say it’s been a whirlwind week for us would be a severe understatement. Far East Movement concert in NY on Wednesday followed up by a VICE Magazine Photo Annual party in the city on Thursday capped off by a quick jaunt to Ocean City Maryland for a day with Bucky at the Dew Tour on Friday…you little Hexonians have heaps of sweet content headed your way so stay tuned! Welcome to Dew Village. Right now though, we would like to focus our energies on our new Skateboarder and family member Mr. Bucky Lasek-whom just so happened to win the Vert contest and place second in the Bowl this weekend at the Dew Tour in Ocean City, Maryland. To say it was magical wouldn’t really do the situation justice; I prefer to call it supernatural as only a man with as much composure and experience as Bucky could’ve literally pulled off that win. Putting in work and capping it with his patented invert! Needing an 87 and some change to overtake PLG, Bucky decided to wait until his very last run to put it all together and give his hometown crowd the hero’s salute they were so waiting for all weekend. Linking a fakie to fakie 540 with a McTwist thrown in the mix, when the buzzer sounded we all knew that we just witnessed something truly magical. Dropping into sweet victory! Bucky, being the humble man he is only had this to say, “Oh man, I'm speechless right now. I guess I just like the pressure. I need something to push me and Pierre killed it. Shaun was ripping. Pedro was on fire. Adam, I've never seen him skate that good. And it was just go time -I think I just used that and I went off their momentum,” what a great competitor we say. Bucky's winning run on the Vert ramp: Now that we’ve covered the Vert aspect, lets head over to the pool, which was the first time The Dew Tour ever had a skate bowl at any of their events. Designed by Chris Miller the fans have turned out in droves to witness some of the world's best bowl riders do their thing on the sands of Ocean City. And, who do you think was right there heading up the charge? Yep, you guessed it, our boy Bucky. Bucky channels his inner being... Saying hello (or thank you) to the judges. Now its no big secret that Bucky has a bowl in his backyard (honest to God) so he was right at home to say the least. But, in the end it was young gun Pedro Barros (who also has a bowl in his backyard) who took the highest perch on the podium with a slew of massive airs to spin combos. It seriously could’ve been anyone’s game though and now that Dew has decided to take the Bowl to Portland expect the action to only get more intense and insane. Skate Bowl Final highlights: We’re going to shut up now plus we have work to do with the X-Games coming up this week, which you know we will keep you posted on so stay tuned! We'll see you in Portland Mr. Vert Ramp. No holds barred competitor, all around classic guy. Always making time for the fans.