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Looking at Art in SoHo for the 2011 VICE Magazine Photo Show

July 29, 2011

This day in age it’s truly hard to do something different and distinguish yourself from the rest of the proverbial pack. But, our friends at VICE Magazine have been doing just that for many moons now and when the opportunity arose to support their annual Photo Show celebrating their annual Photo Issue the decision was literally a no-brainer. Now, for those of you not familiar with VICE Magazine it is one of the largest, most raw and in your face independent publications out there. To be 100% honest, it is not a magazine for the faint of heart or emotionally sensitive. With features that range from discussing illegal drugs to celebrating mental handicap, VICE is always pushing the envelope of what is politically correct and socially acceptable-which is why we like them so much. We’re not saying that we agree with (or even support) all of their viewpoints or liberal rhetoric, but we do live in America and we do support their right to freedom of speech and are intrigued with the cunning way they go about it. Not to mention, the magazine itself is a one of the best artist platforms in the business and the unique style they have cultivated is something to be admired. So, that is why we were happy to be a part of their 2011 Photo Show that went down in SoHo, NYC on the night of July 21st on Elizabeth Street. The HEX display was a huge hit! It truly was a packed house. Brad from RadCollector checking out the new line of goods with lady friend in tow. With photographic works from: Richard Kern, Ryan McGinley, Peter Sutherland, Terry Richardson and Tim Barber there was a flavor to be devoured by all taste buds. The gallery was packed to the brim and at one point in the night they were actually turning people away with over a two hour wait to get in, and that was with a guest list! Despite the 100-degree heat, people just couldn’t get enough. Maybe it was all the free vodka being poured from the folks at Kru or our killer watch and bag display, or the DJ spinning hits in the basement, or the free discount cards from Ben Sherman, whatever the case was this was one happening party that we can’t wait to be a part of next year. The basement was one sweaty place.... *Out of respect for the artists we will not be showing photos of their photos, just go pick up the newest issue of VICE for that you lazy bones. Richard Kern's cover photo...that's all we're giving you! See you next year-if you can even get in. This was the short line...