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Morgan Wade at the Sao Paulo MegaRamp competition

July 10, 2011

It's with great sadness that we report to you that Hex family member, event favorite and Woodward West MegaRamp Open champion Morgan Wade got taken out in practice in a fall on the quarter pipe portion of the ramp which resulted in him breaking a rib and lacerating his spleen. After keyhole surgery to stop the bleeding, Morgan left the hospital this afternoon and is expected to fly home upon resting up in his hotel. Although we have no actual footage or photos of the crash, we do have a pretty sweet video below from Vital BMX that shows how truly massive the boys were going. We hope you get well soon Morgan!

Sao Paulo MegaRamp Contest Video Highlights - More BMX Videos

As reported by MegaRamp: The BMX story of the event was the arrival on the world stage of previous unknown Brasilian, Douglas Leite. A friend sent Kevin Robinson (BMX contest organizer and 3x X Games BMX Big Air gold medalist) video of Dougie blasting a backyard halfpipe. He got invited to practice, then got voted by the riders into the high air contest. He then battled it out to win, blasting 20.5ft out of the 27ft high quarterpipe – on only his second day ever riding Mega. The riders were stoked and christened him Dougie Fresh. The Brasilian crowd and media went totally nuts for one of their own. A great day for BMX in Brasil. Expect to see a lot more from Dougie Fresh. The NESCAU MegaRampa contest was the second event in the MegaRamp Championship Series taking place on full-sized MegaRamp structures. Athletes accumulate scores based on their results at each stop. The athlete with the highest overall scores from each of skateboarding and BMX will be crowned the overall winner of the MegaRamp Champion Series in their sport. Morgan airing it out over the 70 footer gap. Pre-injury. Overall contest results: 1. Steve McCann (AUS) 2. Vince Byron (AUS) 3. Anthony Napolitan (USA) 4. Colton Satterfield (USA) 5. James Foster (USA) 6. Morgan Wade (USA) (injured) Best Trick: 1. Colton Satterfield (USA) No handed cork 720-1st ever on the 60ft gap 2. Vince Byron (AUS) 360 tailwhip-1st ever over 60ft gap 3. James Foster (USA) double back flip Anthony Napolitan also pulled off the first no-handed double front flip on MegaRamp Big Air: 1. Douglas “Dougie Fresh” Leite (BRA) 20.5ft 2. Steve McCann (AUS) 19.5ft 3. Vince Byron (AUS) 19ft