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Neckface - Drinkin' On The Job @ New Image Art

August 29, 2014

We're no strangers to New Image Art Gallery, so when they announced a solo NeckFace exhibition on a Friday night, it was on! The name and theme of the show was "Drinkin' On The Job" and it seemed fitting to head down to Hollywood and have a beer while shooting some rad pieces. Neck_Flier I showed up just before doors opened at seven and was blown away by the huge line to get in, it went all the way down the block and was starting to wrap around the corner. Neckface and free beer on a Friday were the right ingredients to start a party and as the night went on, things got pretty wild! 3P1A9779 3P1A9785 The line moved slowly and the entire sidewalk filled up as we waited. It was basically the equivalent of tailgating before a football game, everyone was partying in line before entering and it got even crazier as we went in.



The gallery was packed, hot, and the free beer was running out fast. I made my way through the drunken crowd and saw tons of awesome Neckface pieces scattered all around the room. I know some of the beer bottles and cans were placed on purpose to go with the theme of the show, but they really started to pile up towards the end of the night. The art seemed to be in it's natural habitat and I'm sure it's exactly what Neckface wanted.


What do you spend your money on?


Simple math, it makes sense...


Are you a beer??? Classic Neckface, hilarious.


This one cracked me up! Damn, It's dead in here...



Lots of love on Instagram tonight:  @nastyneckface1 #Neckface #Drinkinonthejob #newimageart





These custom Neckface kegs were insane! Some interesting characters hanging out around them as well...





New Image Art was one big party tonight, I bet they didn't know it was going to get this crazy!


If I get shot, you get shot!!! This was a huge piece that you saw right when you walked inside.


Even after the gallery closed, the party raged on in the streets of Hollywood. Not sure how the cops allowed this to happen... Only Neckface can bring together such a rowdy crowd for an art show! 3P1A9847 The "Drinkin' On The Job" exhibition is on display at New Image Art (7920 Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood) until September 13th. It won't be as rowdy, but go check out some awesome and hilarious art while you can.