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Old roomies 12th Planet x Skrillex reunite for surprise performance in Hollywood

January 30, 2013

Last Friday night we headed to the Avalon in Hollywood to say whattup to our boy 12th Planet for the Control party. Although we were thoroughly impressed by his opening act DJ AC Slater and the vibe of the show itself, fittingly, nothing could top his old couch-mate Skrillex rolling through to help put on a surprise performance. Seriously a surprise for the ages this one will surely go down in the record books. What follows are some snippets from the evening...enjoy... The lines get longer and longer, but the Avalon stays the same age... CRNKN was lighting it up as we rocked in. Then came AC Slater who was pretty dope actually. Bass was thumpin'... The alleyway at the hazard galore. Teddybear, bodyguard, manager, friend and business associate...the ever consumate Danny United. 12th showing off some off his new party favors pre-set. The tactician goes to work. 12th Planet. Girls Gone Wild for 12th Planet!! These were the best visuals ever...and we mean ever!!! Big Perm! Smoking 'em out Avalon style. 12th is seriously one of the best performers, always so energetic its no wonder the crowd loves him so much. Hey, Skrillex, you ready down there? Let's drop a hammer on these fools! No, not yet, almost... Boo-yah! John and Skrillex bringing the decibels a bit and the crowd to a frenzy. Skrillex juicing up mid set. 12th Planet, Skrillex and Danny united getting ready to sign off... ...And we knew it was our que to go once things started looking like this...see ya soon boys!