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Phoebe Dykstra's Change Of Heart

December 17, 2015

phoebe5 Everyone here at HEX loves creativity, individualism and expression.  That's one of the reasons we have been friends with Phoebe Dykstra since about the beginning of our brand.  She always captivated with her energy and free-spirited style.  So when she recently turned her whole world upside down by leaving her post at MTV Canada in favor of nymph-like existence on a wooded island, we were hooked and wanted to hear all about it.  We thought you might be interested as well, so here is what Phoebe had to say about her recent change of heart.  Enjoy our exclusive chat with Phoebe and try not to get too jealous! phoebe1 HEX: How long were you with MTV Canada? PHOEBE: I was an on-air host with MuchMusic / MTV Canada for almost 4 years!! HEX: What were some of the best moments of that time of your life? PHOEBE: I thought at the time that the best moments were getting to spend time around celebrities, getting to be up close and personal when they performed, my new outfits everyday, getting to say that I'm that girl from TV and so forth. In actuality, looking back, the best times of that part of my life were getting to hang out with our audience members, surprising them, getting to see them super stoked and potentially getting to be a positive role model of sorts in their life. The celeb part was cool of course too, but I now know that we are all one, all humans on our journey and that everyone is special in their own special way. I think it's important for young people to remember that. HEX: How did you know it was time to move on? PHOEBE: Pretty much as soon as I fully "woke up" - when I realized that for our planet to shift to a higher level of consciousness, I needed to be living closer to nature, in spirit, doing what felt good in my heart, and living in spirit more often than filling my own ego. The internet took over TV years ago, nobody watches MTV for music videos anymore, we've got YouTube. Nobody watches MuchMusic anymore to find out "Hollywood gossip", we've got Twitter / Instagram. Ratings were dropping, the company was losing money, in turn, losing shows to be creative on. SO grateful for my incredibly interesting years on TV but, onto something new and more heart fulfilling, thank you! phoebe4 Q: So, you now live on your own fairy island? Can you tell us a little about it? PHOEBE: Pretty much a fairy, elf island, yes! It's this little hippie island on the west coast of Canada, about 5 hours from Vancouver. The nature is bright, green, lush, with waterfalls. The island is on a quartz crystal so it feels like magic here, what you think about expands like crazy, gotta watch your thoughts and feelings. This island has got people from all walks of life, there are super rich people here to full-on "hippies" (I'd consider myself that word now! haha!) who are living with less, growing their own food, getting back to what's real. They say this island heals you. People come here to remember how to love themselves, remember who they are, then carry on. Some people stay here forever. I myself have been here now 1 year, I am a changed person. This is going to be my home base, but the rest of the world is calling me to adventure now! Q: How has the transition been for you with such a dramatic life change? PHOEBE: Typical Phoebe, making the big leaps! I went from a farm girl living in the country to a TV host in downtown Toronto. Quit my job in TV and moved to this tiny little hippie island on the west coast. Now i'm in the midst of packing up my life and home on the little island, packing half a backpack and boarding a plane to South East Asia for who knows how long. Transitions are wild, can be all of the emotions BUT as my good friend says, "life is about having as many awesome experiences as you can, not just one" - A great quote I've been living by! Also, be dramatic with your life changes, way more fun and interesting that way!! phoebe3 Q: What do you enjoy most about your island paradise? PHOEBE: The nature! It's like nowhere I've ever been, lush, green, mossy trees, the way my cabin smells after it's just rained… ah! The people here are conscious, there are ecstatic dance and yoga classes all week, you can buy organic food straight from our friend's gardens! Q: Any words of wisdom to share based on your experience? PHOEBE: This is common sense, once you understand "the law of attraction" but it's still a nice reminder to hear that, "you don't need to know HOW, you just need to ALLOW" - I've been saying that one throughout my days. I didn't know HOW I was going to be hired as one of the very few humans that get chosen as MuchMusic VJs, I just pictured myself working there and allowed. I didn't know HOW I was going to support myself if I quit my career and moved to a hippie island BUT I knew it's what I had to do for me, so I did it! You really CAN do WHATEVER you want in your life!!! Promise!!! phoebe2 Photos by: Elvien Photography

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