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Recap From Agenda Long Beach

January 07, 2015

What a wake up call that was!  What to do first thing Monday after a nice holiday break? Dive right into Agenda Long Beach, of course. It was good to see friends and familiar faces again and the vibe was positive and easy all over the floor.  We were posted up in the premium Woods section and nestled in among friends like a regular progressive neighborhood. For the first time, The HEX Bus made an appearance in our Agenda booth and, as always, made its proper statement. We showed off our new collection and chatted with some of our favorite retail partners about a 2015 that looks bright for HEX. Our friends, Louis Songor from Reed Space and Jeff Staple from, well, you know who he is. It went fast, but it was good and it seemed like the right way to start into our grueling trade show circuit that will see us move on from Long Beach to Las Vegas, Berlin, Milan, Manila, and then back to Vegas - two more times - all by the middle of February! HEX Co-Founder Trent Valladares with Roark Revival Founder, Ryan Hitzel Roark was debuting a great looking new collection of bags... More on that later... Long-time friend DJ Vice from everywhere and CRSVR. So thanks to Aaron, Cody and the Agenda gang for a good show, a good time, and the best trade show food around! It was a frigid 85 degrees out in the food truck lot.  Gotta love January in SoCal! One of my personal favorites - Kogi. That's what I'm talking about! Staple Pigeon's booth

Shwood - will whittle sunglasses for food.

Mishka brought the art, day-glo style.