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Reef McIntosh puts in a solid showing at Pipeline

February 04, 2013

This past weekend saw the finishing of the Volcom Pipe Pro in "friendly" conditions, one of the North Shore's most beloved and talent laden contests. In true Hawaiian spirit though, on Day 2 Pipeline showed just exactly why it's the wave in which a surfers tube-riding skills are measured and will always be considered as the proving grounds; setting the performance bar at the highest of levels and separating the men from the cliche as that may sound. It was truly unruly and out of control. Enter our man Reef McIntosh, a north shore local and Pipeline specialist Reef weaved his way through tube by tube to make it all the way to the semi finals. We couldn't be more proud and stoked for him, and hopefully we'll be seeing a little more of him as the Hawaiian season comes to a close. For a complete recap of the action check out our bros at TransWorld SURF and Surfline. Our man Cory Arrambide was also on hand standing tall and proud, making it all the way to the Round of 32, where he was defeated by event champion John John Florence. Three Pipe residents, locals and all around good peeps. HEX's Reef McIntosh, John John Florence and Jamie O'Brien.