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Road Trippin' - The Salton Sea

September 28, 2015

3P1A2614 Everybody knows I love a good road trip.  So me and my buddy, Nick, headed out to see what we could see at the Salton Sea. salton sea postcard Vintage Postcard Once billed as California's next big thing, the Salton Sea attracted celebrities, developers, and average people too, who flocked to the place and snatched up property as quick as it could be released.  It was going to be paradise - like Palm Springs with a coastline.  But it didn't quite work out that way. 3P1A2544 I was surprised at how big this thing is For starters, the Salton Sea is 234 feet BELOW sea level.  And it's wicked hot.  Although it is the largest lake in California, it's salinity is high - higher than ocean water, and it increases in salinity by 1% every year.  This, coupled with pollutants from agricultural runoff, oh yeah, and the smell, led to the area's decline. 3P1A2594 3P1A2545 3P1A2522 Anybody home? Many areas have been abandoned and what we are left with is an eerie post-nuclear, meth-lab kind of vibe.  Very Mad Max, this is a place where you constantly feel as if you are being watched.  There is ample evidence of a vibrant squatter presence as well as lots of abandoned homes and buildings, and plenty of just plain weirdness.   3P1A2603 3P1A2612 3P1A2525 But it's also this urban decay with a hint of nostalgic once-greatness that makes the place so interesting. 3P1A2539 3P1A2528 3P1A2527 So we hope you enjoy these images from our trip.  Check it out for yourself if you are ever near Palm Springs and have a day to spare.  Just remember to bring lots of water and your imagination...  And did I mention the smell? 3P1A2578 Also took a little dogleg out to Salvation Mountain and Slab City. Somehow it makes perfect sense out here 3P1A2552 3P1A2589

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