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Slim Boogie x HEX

October 20, 2011

Over here at HEX we are not the most rhythmically gifted people, but we have the utmost respect for those who are. Case in point, we want to introduce you to our boy Slim Boogie. Slim is a Popping champion and all around dance machine. He travels all over the world entering (and winning) contests and blowing peoples minds with his talent. With his slick delivery and unmistakeable groove, he has won several battles over the years including the coveted Mighty 4. He is also a member of the Machine Gone Funk crew and is always extensively performing in his local community of DTLA, judging and helping train tomorrows talent. Most recently, Slim qualified for the 2011 UK B-boy Championships Popping Finals and is currently over in Europe doing his thing. We couldn't be happier to have such a genuinely nice person repping our gear, and we just wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our boy. Check him out! Slim is a bag fan of our Sonic backpack and watch bands. Slim's Dance Crew: Slim (middle) taking top honors at our Focus Dance competition that went down earlier this year.