The Faces Of Grajaú

March 11, 2015

FLAG SKYLINE ZOOM I had a rare opportunity to visit Grajaú which is one of the Favelas (slums) of São Paulo. I'd been to one other favela in Salvador years ago, and it was definitely a life changing experience. KIDS RUNNING We woke up pretty early so we could spend most of the day there. As we arrived, I had an unsettling feeling for two reasons; 1. Because of what I saw in Salvador, and 2. This time I would be carrying my RED Camera around with me. Leo assured me that everything would be ok - he was our "guide" in Grajaú. ARMS KID SMOKING_BW WRECKED CAR The first place we went to was a local skatepark, so that made me feel a little better. We hung out with the local kids there, who at first were a little suspicious of me and my camera. Once Leo told them who I was and what I did, they instantly warmed up to me. It's amazing what being a skateboarder can do. REST IN PEACE We then left with a few of the kids from the park and went into the neighborhoods. Walking around the favela's with a camera and tripod can create a lot of attention, but Leo assured me that everything would be fine. Knowing that, I put my guard down and began shooting everything I saw. LITTLE GIRL FAVELA_BW_BORDER KID FINGER GUN WIDE KIDS Grajaú was truly an amazing experience that I'll never forget.  These are some of its faces. Mais Amor Grajaú PEACE FOR ICE CREAM By Ricki Bedenbaugh, Contributor Check out more about Ricki here.