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The Grand Olympic: The Photography of Theo Ehret

November 19, 2012

Theo Ehret was the house photographer at the Los Angeles Olympic Auditorium in its heyday, and he captured many of the the great boxers and wrestlers of that time: including Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Andre the Giant, Mil Mascaras, and many of the emerging Latino fighters of his era. So, when our friends at 722 told us they were going to throw a gala in his honor we swooned at the opportunity to attend!

Ehret's classic film noir black and white images captured the gigantic characters and wild scene at one of the great fight venues in America. He chronicled the rise of Latino fighters from places like Mexico, Honduras, Panama and Nicaragua. And just as importantly, he covered the colorful scene in and around the Olympic: the Battle Royales, Cage Matches, celebrities, mariachis, luchadores, dwarves, heels, and passionate fans. We seriously could not have had more fun, and if you get a chance go and check it out-the exhibit runs through the end of the month...