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#TheHEXList Coachella Adventure

April 22, 2013

If you are (somehow) not familiar with Coachella it is a music festival that happens a few miles outside of Palm Springs CA. The festival brings people from all the over the world together for two weekends in the desert and features only the biggest and best musical acts known. So, once we decided that we just had to be out there for Weekend 1 we also knew that it would be a great time to simultaneously introduce #TheHEXList in a different type of way than things we have done in the past. During this first weekend some of the best parties you will ever attend in your life are happening, most of them at the same time while others in places that you could never imagine. So, it's only fitting that we share a small sampling of the chaotic craziness that is Coachella and some of our experiences this go-around. We decided that our base camp for the trip should be The Sagauro Hotel. We checked in Friday afternoon and started setting up the private VIP gifting suite for Saturday. The view off our quaint little balcony. Overkill? As you can see above marketing manager Mr. Carl was well prepared to snap photos documenting all weekend long with his arsenal of various digital, 35mm and Polaroid cameras. Honestly though, he was also doing some last minute R&D for our new Gear Bag which is just starting to roll out now. His main job was keeping control over Neran and TK as you will come to see... After setting up the suite it was time to hit the first party of the weekend. The good folks at Hennessy teamed up with Details Magazine and took over a private residence to host one hell of a shindig...oh, ya, and this guy named Nas was performing as well! Nas, the man, myth and legend about relevancy...what a show. Dev rocked and opened up the evening. Her spunky demeanor thoroughly impressed us. With all the Henny being drank what better way to soak it all up then with some FatBurger? Yes those are teepees, and yes we were still at the Hennessy party...when you’re in the desert tepees are acceptable for meeting up with your friends and collecting your thoughts or figuring out which party to hit up next...obviously, we were always looking for the next party...duh. Thankfully for our friends Jesse and Ian over at DUB Frequency we didn't have to think too hard and with a quick text we were out and on to the next spot...the WILDFOX party. Right when we rolled up to the WildFox house the police were trying to kill everyone’s vibe by shutting down the party...but you know that didn’t happen and we schmoozled our way in there...can't keep a good crew down-or out apparently. (Note to event companies: think twice about renting this property in the future as the owners are gnarly psychos and we're pretty sure swingers too...don't ask) The Wildfox party was held at another amazing private compound with dope music, great scenery nestled against the mountains and amazing people. But, sooner rather than later it was sadly time to hit the sack and prepare for crazy Saturday. *(Ed Note) You have to remember that while being down in Palm Springs it’s marathon and not a race, so pacing yourself is key and trust us, you don't wanna be "that guy"! WAKE UP WAKE UP! Yup, this is what we awoke to Saturday morning at The Saguaro. Our good friends again from DUB Frequency were throwing the RHONDA party at the hotel and it was cracking, EARLY! (FREEWAY VOICE) Classixx on the cuts. Our boy TK Nguyen is a straight up animal! Steady mobbing around the pool party all day long in a hotel bathrobe with HEX Axis phone case in hand, ya he was pretty much equipped for anything. Thanks for the great memories bud! Then the time finally came for us to get the gifting started! Two of the first people we ran into were Jenilee Reyes (Singer/song writer) and Kristen Brockman (TV HOST) who were both super stoked to come up and relax for a bit. A common question all weekend I kept hearing was “Where is Neran”? Well, maybe you should have asked Mr. Brainwash here as it seems like those two had quite the time at Rhonda... Our boy Woo aka D BLOCK from Crooks and Castles stopped by to chill and grab a few things for the boys back in LA. Salute to the Crooks fam and we look forward to linking up in the near future. The gifting suite was really starting to pop off as DJ Rick Rude swung by after his set and scooped up a Tote to hold his laptop and records for the remainder of the weekend. Gifting madness.... Above: Assal (DJ/singer) and Mirtha Michelle (Actress) came in to pick up some new phone cases for their iPhones, as well as the open mini bar. Actor Peter Adrian in the house...or room actually. It was awesome to see Amber Saylor and friends stop by for some new gear and phone cases. They were especially smitten with the Tote bag. Julia Saori and the Vaper Revolution crew even took some time off from their hectic activities to come kick it with us making for some solid laughs in the process. Julian Edwards (JL NIGHTS / BET) and IBN Jasper (G.O.O.D MUSIC / DONDA) also came by to grab some HEX gear and get educated on the new product line and brand itself. It's safe to say they're both now fans...and homies! HEX on display on display.... All in all, we had a wonderful time seeing old faces and meeting many new ones in our pop-up gifting suite. But, as every good thing has to inevitably come to an end soon enough it was time to clean up and get ready for the best party known to man which happens annually every Coachella weekend...THE NEON CARNIVAL!!! The Neon Carnival is thrown by one of the best party promotion groups out there, BoltHouse Productions. Basically, think of a carnival in your city but with open bars and the best DJ's dropping beats well into the early morning sun. Everyone inside the Neon Carnival was dancing all night long! Our new friends Kristen Brockman, Jenilee Reyes, and Charlene enjoying a ferris wheel ride. Our homey from The Hundreds, Rob Heppler, finally found Neran only this time he was somehow with the one and only Russell Simmons. Weird and awesome things happen at the Carnival we tell you... Thanks again to Bolthouse Productions for having us at the Neon Carnival, we will definitely be seeing you guys again next year for the 5-year anniversary! The (Sunday) morning after...well, let's just say that once everybody brushed their teeth with champagne we were off again and ready to hit the Chevy Volt x Bagettle Beach club party on our way out of town. The guys at Nightvision Entertainment did a great job with the Chevy Volt party and let us just tell you, walking on that floating bridge with a hangover was not particularly fun...although don't worry...we'll surely conquer that thing next it a goal-something to work towards. Lastly, before we slowly made our way back to the car and 60mph winds awaiting us on the highway we just had to hit the zip line that stretched across the pond. Wow, what a way to close out Coachella!!! Anybody up for this weekend...... *We want to give a massive HEX shout out to everybody we saw, befriended and chilled with in the desert and we look forward to more adventures soon together in the near future. Also, before we forget, we gotta give a very special thanks to our man TK Nguyen and Rob Heppler for allowing us to use some of their wonderful photography. See you next year.....