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Vans Propeller: A Masterpiece 50 Years In The Making

May 05, 2015

Vns_Propeller_Itunes_Ad.jpg7_Today is the day.  50 years in the making and with over 5 years of footage, Vans releases it's first ever full length skateboarding video!  We got a first look at the world premier held at the beautiful Orpheum Theater in downtown Los Angeles.  Luckily, we got tickets in advance as the premier sold out and was packed full.  Crazy to think that this is Vans' first skate video, but it was well worth the wait.   No one was prepared for what we were about to see... 10570244_1607838036100076_222110476_n Los Angeles world premier flyer.  The first time Propeller was shown anywhere, and the first stop of 9 premiers that were held around the world.


Classic marquee shot before we headed inside.


Madness finding a seat in this place!


Everyone mobbing the bar before the video starts.


Steve Van Doren making quite the entrance in a mobile Old School High Top.  Why not go big on your big night?


The man himself, Steve Van Doren saying a few words and many thanks to his crew before bringing out the team.


The Team: Cab, Caples, Lutheran, Hunt Allen, Walker, Chima, Rowan, Dustin, Rowley, AVE, Barros, Grosso, Pfanner, Berle, Crockett, Hassan, Dill, Cardiel, Trujillo, Hosoi, Barbee, Alva.  What a lineup!  Everyone delivers, too many bangers to remember...can't wait to watch this at least 10 more times!


One of the best skate teams out there.  So many amazing skaters...Who's part will be your favorite?


My personal favorite.  #1 - A.V.E.  They saved the best for last, that's for sure.


That may have been the best skate video I have ever seen.  Greg Hunt created a masterpiece, it took a few years, but you can't rush perfection.  This is a straight-up gnarly skateboarding video.  A modern take on all aspects and generations of skateboarding that will make you want to get on your board and never stop pushing.  Full parts from some of the best in the business.  Check out Propeller today, get amped, lace up your Vans and go skate!